Non-bank loans, in general, are characterized by the fact that they have relatively low demands on their clients. Few, however, have their requirements as mild as the Anders loan that we do in this detailed review. This loan can be obtained by students, mothers on maternity leave, employees, entrepreneurs and pensioners, people with no proof of income, persons with a debtor’s register or candidates who have execution. In addition to legal age, the only essential requirement is to have a bank account, which is also verified by means of a crown fee.

Anders has a lot of specific websites that are quite different from other loans – you will not find any credit calculator on which you can calculate in advance the possible installment amount, interest rate or APR. You will learn everything after you have completed (of course, a non-binding) application form. Indeed, a specific offer is always set on the basis of a request – the amount of interest, etc. depends on your creditworthiness, etc. However, this software is processed by automatic software, so it is absolutely objective and at the same time your personal data are absolutely safe.

Guaranteed loans online with bad credit $1000 

But the availability of the guaranteed loans online with bad credit have a big advantage – the key advantage to check out these loans is its huge speed. Everything can be completely completed in just 15 minutes. This is connected with the fact that the whole process is done over the Internet and the credit cannot be arranged, for example, in person or by phone – all exclusively online. But the loan is as safe and secure as possible, so there is no concern.

The loan application process, required documents, and documents

First of all, you will not have to go anywhere or make a phone call to process the entire application, everything will go online. You will need an internet connection, also have a mobile phone that will receive an SMS message with a PIN code and prepare your bank account number. You will need a personal ID card from your personal documents. Conversely, a receipt for income is not required, but the information is included in the application.

The exact procedure for internet request for Anders loan

First, open the website. Use the two sliders to set the required loan amount (from 15,000 to 75,000 CZK) and its maturity (1 to 36 months). Click on a loan application to open a form that needs to be filled out. But it shouldn’t take a lot of time, usually about five minutes. The form consists of a total of six shorter parts, the first one must fill in the applicant’s personal data.

Following is the second part in which you will be asked about your personal identification number, then the number and validity of your ID card and the address of your permanent address (or correspondence if different).

In the third section, you fill in information about your education, employment, and housing, the next page requires you to fill out your bank account number – be careful – it must be really yours, written in your name.

In the penultimate step you can, but you do not have to list your social networking profiles (if you fill them in, you can get an interesting discount, so it certainly pays off) and then only the final summary and submission request for processing are left. You can return to the previous step at any time while filling in, and there’s nothing hard on the form, so it’s really no problem to handle it in minutes. You will also receive an SMS code on your mobile phone, which you must then enter in the appropriate field on the Internet (so you need to enter the correct number on your mobile).

Account Verification, Credit Approval Decision

An integral part of the process is also account verification – either by paying a verification fee (but only one single crown and the purpose of the fee is to verify that your account is really yours), or free of charge through Anders KontoConnect. Then you will immediately come to a decision as to whether your application has been approved or rejected and if it goes well, the money will be sent to your bank account immediately. Overall, everything can be done together in just 15 minutes without having to get away from your computer or laptop.

Loan repayment Anders

The Anders loan can be repaid in two ways – either through a regular bank transfer or through The Pay. The installment is sent once a month, the total repayment period can range from 1 to 36 months, whichever you choose. 

Fee Schedule

Other loans on our site always include a table with fees, interest rates, APR and other data, but in this case, is missing. This is because interest is always set only on the basis of a completed form and only a representative example is shown on the Anders Loan website. How high your interest rate will be offered and the amount of your monthly installment will also depend on your creditworthiness, overall solvency, and other information. Everything is processed by modern software, which uses a sophisticated method to calculate a tailor-made offer for each individual interested in a loan.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit a loan application in person, or is it just on the Internet?

You cannot apply personally, either by phone or by phone. The Anders loan is arranged exclusively online, via the website However, the site is absolutely safe, there is no risk that your data may be misused.

Is there a limitation for the first time, or can I ask for a maximum amount right away?

One of the positive features of this loan is undoubted that even new clients can borrow the maximum amount, in this case up to CZK 75,000.

How often is the Anders loan repaid?

You must repay the Anders Loan on a regular basis once a month, and you can choose a repayment term between six months and three years.

Can I get a loan when I don’t have my own account? Can the money be sent to someone else?

Unfortunately, in this case, your application will not be approved. Only people with their own bank account can get a loan, which is why they must first pay a crown verification fee.

Is there a fee in advance? It happened to me once that I lost enough money.

It is true, but it is only a symbolic one crown, which, as mentioned above, is only collected to verify that the account is actually written in your name. You can lose a maximum of one crown, otherwise, no fee is collected in advance. However, the account can also be verified for free.

Unfortunately, I have a record in the SOLUS registry, do I have a chance to get a loan at all?

Certainly yes – the great advantage of the Anders loan is its suitability even for clients who cannot get a loan elsewhere. No registers are taken into account when deciding to approve a loan, so your SOLUS record is certainly no obstacle.

Nowhere on the loan website do I see a fee table: How can I find out?

The exact amount of interest charges is set for each client individually, so you won’t find any installment table on the Anders website. The amount of interest is not determined by the employee of the credit company but is automatically set based on the application form data.