As a “Schufa” most people refer to a forged negative entry and not to the protection community for general credit protection in the strict sense. According to this linguistic usage, a loan can hardly be successfully applied despite Schufa and unemployment, because every German lender executes a Schufa request. The popular Swiss loan without Schufa request is eliminated because it is only awarded to employees and not to unemployed applicants. Although some German lenders generally grant a loan in the case of negative entries that are of little relevance, in this case they usually also require a permanent employment relationship.

Which alternatives exist?

The easiest way to take out a loan despite schufa and unemployment of couples in which only one partner has forfeited negative Schufa entries. In unmarried cohabiting couples making a loan application together is unusual; Even with married couples, the bank does not always require the signature of both spouses. It should be noted, however, that the signer of the loan agreement is liable to the bank for repayment.

A pawn shop pays out a loan despite schufa and unemployment; Since the pledge is the sole security for this loan, the pawnbroker does not ask for information about the current employment relationship and does not make any inquiries about Schufa. The prerequisite for a loan despite Schufa and unemployment at the pawnbroker is, of course, to have a pledged good with sufficient value. Furthermore, there is basically the possibility to take out a personal loan. In rare cases, friends or relatives may give credit despite schufa and unemployment, and even with this form of borrowing a written loan agreement should be concluded, including a clear repayment arrangement.

Credit for the unemployed

Instant loan despite Schufa and unemployed

Another way to borrow is through organized personal loans. These loans are brokered by an approved lending institution, which brings buyers together for a loan and investors and takes over the official processing of the lending as well as the repayment. While some private loan intermediaries require borrowers to provide positive Schufa information, competitors also accept credit customers with negative Schufa entries. The concrete lending takes place by the loan seeker publishing a description of his loan request, including honest indications regarding his financial position.

If investors find themselves, who forgive a loan despite Schufa and unemployment, the requesting person receives the loan. Most credit agencies allow potential borrowers to specify even the maximum accepted interest rate.

The office also helps

If the loan is required for urgent purchases despite schufa and unemployment, Hartz IV recipients have the option of applying for an interest-free loan from the employment agency. While this is an optional provision, most case managers are happy to help their clients as long as they understand the need for a new acquisition.